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Sibling Rivalry? Kylie Jenner Admits That She And Kim Kardashian 'butt Heads' | Reality Tv Magazine

kylie-jenner-admits-she-and-kim-kardashian-butt-heads Now, the 17-year-old is dishing on her crazy family , and she admitted that she and Kim often dont see eye to eye. Most of our Twitter and Facebook followers quiver at the thought of ever having to deal with Kim Kardashian, but could you imagine actually being her sister? No, we cant either, and it has got to be tough. And in a new interview with the UKs Miss Vogue, Kylie explained that she and Kim often butt heads, but it is in a sisterly manner. And that was evident as Kim was furious when Kylie decided to dye her hair blue, just in time for Kims wedding to Kanye West back in May. Yeah, were still laughing too. Poor Kim, it must be horrible to not get your way. But despite their disagreements, Kylie insists that its all for the good of the family.

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