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?teen Mom 3? Canceled After Amber Portwood And Porn Star Farrah Abraham Scandal [update]

Were thankful to Briana, Katie, Mackenzie, Alex and their families for sharing their stories as they .. [read more] navigate young parenthood and for helping to have a positive impact on the importance of teen pregnancy prevention." Like Us on Facebook This latest announcement follows months of bad press for former cast members. Nowhere is that more evident than in the case of Farrah Abraham. The reality star shocked everyone when she told Star that taking long breaks from her daughter was healthy: You know, honestly, its refreshing that Sophia and I have a break. I think its healthy. Sophia is busy. She has visit this site her external link own life. Shes doing her own thing and Im doing mine. Abraham also took time to discuss her special mommy/baby therapy sessions with the tabloid: I take her to mommy and baby counseling once a month.
Full story: http://www.classicalite.com/articles/4355/20131210/teen-mom-3-canceled-amber-portwood-porn-star-farrah-abraham-scandal-update.htm

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