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In Defense Of Kanye West

Kanye has argued that the racially coded, tautologous delegitimization of his genius and cultural significanceamong other things, he has cited disagreements with Nike over the cachet of his Air Yeezy sneaker, a pair of which auctioned for nearly $90,000 but inexplicably yielded no follow-up with the companyis used to actively exclude him from an industry that uses him when its beneficial but otherwise refuses to treat him as a peer. Because of deep-rooted, centuries-old stereotypes used to oppress black men, Kanye is the embodiment of everything America has been taught to fear and hate. Case-in-point: the song I Am A God on Yeezus, likely the most infamous and Kim Kardashian controversial track in his oeuvre, was written after he felt disrespected by Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane, who refused to allow him to attend his show in Paris if he also attended other fashion week runway shows. A proper listen to the track, which facetiously lists Jesus as a featured artist, shows neither arrogance nor blasphemy but a hilarious, feisty blowback at what Kanye has repeatedly described as the fashion industrys desire to contain him. He attributes much of his mistreatment at the hands of The Establishment to classism, which he http://www.kiwibox.com/terencejzqz/blog/entry/110333117/kim-kardashian-and-baby-north-west-turn-up-to-jimmy-kimme/ terms racisms cousin; his point is well-taken but its perhaps a misnomer for the gradual switch not from racism to classism, but from legal racism to institutional racism, an infinitely more insidious system of oppression that is relatively easy to identify but, by design, difficult to prove. At some point, Kanye went from being Americas black friend to being Americas public enemy number one; the backpacks, brightly colored Polo shirts, and charming collegiate demeanor that once identified him as safe were replaced with a black-and-leather uniform, a set of bottom grills, and a willingness to prioritize his own truth-telling over proper decorum (the Taylor Swift interruption heard round the world is a prime example of that).
Full story: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/12/04/in-defense-of-kanye-west.html

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